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Fake Fountain

The fake fountain is an indoor fountain with water circulation and electronic control of the illumination (stroboscopic and halogen).
It is made out of a transparent plexiglass tube (hight 2,30 m; diameter 20 cm) inside of which a vertical water jet is variously illuminated.
As you may see in the pictures and better in the videos, lighting the jet with a strobe from the top one gets the impression to look at instant photos of the drops.
The technology of the fountain can be found in the lower part of the tube and is lighted at controllable time intervals:
Pump, transformer, valve, electronics may be explored; the circuits, the provenance of the materials, the construction principles can be recognized. The bottom is in raw concrete with holes for an adequate ventilation.

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3DMAX image of the technique

Two fountains with stroboscopic and halogen lighting

Stage setting: MTV Presentation, Ragno d'oro, Milano. June 2003

Two fountains with lighting of the base

View of the waterjet with stroboscopic lighting

Electronic control

Electronic concontrol and halogen lighting

Plexiglas disc and technique of the fountain

Technical detail: O-Ring

Assembly of the upper tube

Water loading
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  • Stage setting: MTV Presentation, Ragno d'oro, Milano. June 2003
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