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Planen, Bauen und Gestalten mit Wasser. Herbert Dreiseitl. Ed. Birkhaeuser ,Basel 2001
Good photographic and text documentation of some modern projects utilizing water both as artistic and ecologic element. Interesting description of the rainwater cicle in the fountain sistem of the Potzdamer Platz - Berlin.
Fontane, Giochi d'acqua e spettacolo
Acqua e progetto dal rinascimento ad oggi. Marilyn Simmes. National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institute.
Very good book showing the development of fountain art from the 15th to the 20st century. The fountains are described from differnt point of views, except the technical one. Wide bibliography.
Antike Wasserkultur
Renate Toelle-Kastenbein, C.H.Beck, Muenchen 1990
This book explains the most important engineering works of the ancient times regarding water. Besides fountains also water systems, wells, cisterns etc. are explained.
Water and Architecture
Moore Charles W., New York and London 1994
Wide photographic documentation of some projects regarding water as aesthetic element in architecture.
D. Citrini, G. Noseda; Ed. Ambrosiana, Milano 1987
Written for the italian university this book covers all basic theoretic aspects of hydraulics (static and dinamic equations of fluids, theorem of Bernoulli, etc.). Also subjects like pressurized flows, free flows are widely covered.
Kulturgeschichte des Wassers
Hartmut Boehme. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt a.M. 1988
Oekologisches Bauen
Detlef Gluecklich. DVA Muenchen 2005
Christoph Saunus. Kramer Verlag, Duesseldorf 2005
H2O Una Biografia dell'acqua
Philip Ball. BUR 1999.
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