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The water jets look like glass rods standing still in the space.
What is amazing is that the flowing water, as it flows in its arc, does not break out i.e. does not spread apart or disperse as, for example, water coming out of a garden hose.
The jets are somehow natural laminar flow jets. The original laminar flow jets where first designed by Mark Fuller (WET).

When the fountain is left by its own for a while, it will find his own silent balance.
If a jet is broken to fill a glass of water - in order to drink, ... or to play - the balance of the hole system is lost for a while and some jets fall into the lower basin making some noiose.
The fountain is a metaphor of the capacity of the nature to find its own balance if the human acency is not too strong.

The three high columns symbolize the three industrial areas in which AIL Lugano operates:
Water, Gas, Electricity

The lower columns (transparent with riverstones, transparent with coloured glas splinters, stainless steel, marble, ...) remember us the earthly elements beeing always in contact with the water.

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Foto Tine Fehr
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