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Specchio d'acqua

The Water mirror is a wall mirror with a flowing water film set in motion by a small circulation pump.
From the gathering tank the ( demineralized ) water is pumped to the perforated pipe from which it comes out with a sequence of jets forming a layer of water on the mirror surface. The flow of water is realized by means of an extremely resistant and noiseless aquarium pump (25W, 220V). The water mirror is designed to be easily adjustable. In this way even if the wall is not perpendicular and the wall hooks for holding the mirror are not exactly at the same height it will always be possible to bring the mirror - and the gathering tank - back in line. It is therefore also possible to adjust two water mirrors, one facing the other, to obtain an infinite vision exploiting their mutual reflection. The water mirror has the function of cleaning dust and humidifying the ambient.
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Detail of the jets

Detail of the water film

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  • Video: water mirror
  • Video: installation of the water mirror
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