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Staticfluid designs and realizes works who refer to water and explore it's forms of fluidity and stillness.
We provide estimates on:
  • indoor and outdoor fountains,
  • garden fountains,
  • stage settings,
  • waterwalls,
  • research on new waternozzles

  • Languages: ita / ger / en

    This site shows some of the realized projects.
    Furthemore the site proposes itself also as a collector of water related informations (links, gallery and bibliography). You may contribute.
    Calendario TASM 2007 Calendario TASM 2007
    Calendar 2007 for TASM s.p.a.. The Calendar has been realized with the works of staticfluid.
    TASM s.p.a. is the public company which runs most of the purification plants in the south of Milan
    Equiflusso Equiflusso
    Several vertical Plexiglas columns filled with water, each one having a lateral small hole. The waterjet (like a glass rod) pouring out from the hole feeds the next column.
    This fountain has been realized for AIL Lugano- 2006
    Vortex Vortex
    Whirlpool created inside a plexiglas column.
    This project is realized together with CrossPoint
    (H:2,30 m ; D:60 cm), 2005/2006
    Tripla Cascata Tripla Cascata
    Design and development of new nozzles for the fountain in P.le Dateo (Milan). Design of the fountain: Studio d'Architettura D. Borgoglio Motta (Milan). Three bended waterblades, coming out from a stainless stell structure. 2005
    Muro d'acqua Muro d'acqua
    Water Wall on a mobile structure. The water glides on a Plexiglas wall.
    (H:2.40, L:1.65, D:0.60; Power 100 W), 2004
    Fontana Baldacchino Fontana Baldacchino
    The fountain is a tube structure. On it's top a Plexiglas basin with many small holes is filled with water. The drops falling down give the impression of rain. (H:2.30, L:1.40, D:1.40; Power 600 W), 2004
    Cascata Raccolta Cascata Raccolta
    Indoor cascade made in Plexiglas. (H:1.5m, L:2m, P:2m; Power:1.6 kW), 2004
    Neonacqua (fontana da campeggio) Neonacqua (fontana da campeggio)

    Indoor-outdoor fountain which may be assembled in a very short time. The vertical jet changes periodically from a highth of 80 cm to 3 m in a few minutes. (Plexiglas, Iron; H:3m, L:2.50m, P:2.50m), 2003
    Specchio d'acqua Specchio d'acqua
    Wall mirror with a flowing water film set in motion by a small circulation pump.
    (H:100 cm, L:100 cm, D:20 cm)
    Fake Fountain Fake Fountain
    The fake fountain is an indoor fountain with water circulation and electronic control of the illumination (stroboscopic and halogen).
    It is made out of a transparent plexiglass tube (hight 2,30 m; diameter 20 cm) inside of which a vertical water jet is variously illuminated.
    Studio: Via Murat 38, 20159 Milano info@staticfluid.com Tel(IT): 0039 328 9278 650
    dorian@staticfluid.com Tel(DE): 0049 151 517 11 385